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Spring 2021, HT408 Christian Teachings on Salvation and Happiness

(기독교 구원론과 행복)

Instructor/ Dr. Jeremy J. Hong (홍정수 교수 [email protected])

강의는 YouTube에 올라갑니다. 참새예수



1) Learn a linguistic sense for doing theology. 신학적 사유, 성경 읽고 해석하고 적용함에 필요한 언어 감감 상식을 익힌다.

2) Confirm most of the churches teach the so-called "Four Spiritual Truth for Salvation," which becomes now quite non sense.

현재 거의 모든 교회의 구원론 구조는 “4영리 구원론이다. 이 구원론의 유래, 강점, 단점을 확인한다.

3) Review, from Galilean Jesus' vision, the Science of Happiness". 최근에 확인된, 행복 과학(The Science of Happiness)”에 기초한 Richard Layard의 책을 읽으면서, 기독교인의 삶 속에서 행복을 구현하는 과정에 각자의 예수-신앙과 목회자의 역할 정립을 시도한다.



1. Report of Googling of the Key words

2. Quizzes

3. Due Day: Next Monday, 24:00 to the instructor and the Registrar



Main Textbook (required)

Richard Layard. Happiness: Lessons from A New Science. New York: Penguin Press, 2005. (행복의 함정, 정은아 역, 북하이브, 2010).


Reference Materials

"The Search for Happiness." National Geographics, November, 2017.

Augustine of Hippo. tr. by Rolands J. Teske. Trilogy on Faith and Happiness. New York: New City Press, 2010.

St. Augustine. On the Happy Life. tr. by Michael P. Foley. New Haven & London, Yale University Press, 2019.

Don Cupitt. The Way To Happiness. Santa Rosa: Polebridge Press, 2005.

Dalai Lama & Howard C. Cutler. The Art of Happiness. New York: Riverhead Books, 1998. (달라이 라마의 행복론, 유시화 역, 김영사, 2003).

Evan Moffic. The Happiness Prayer: Ancient Jewish Wisdom for the Best Way to Live Today. New York: Center Street, 2017.


인터넷_검색 가능 자료 (Googling Assignment 1)

*존 웨슬리 표준 설교 7(John Wesley, Standard Sermon, No.7). "천국에 이르는 길(“The Way to the Kingdom”).

*웨스트민스터 대요리문답(Westminster Larger Catechism), 1.



Course Schedule: could be subject to change.

1. What is the problem?

2. What is salvation and Happiness?

3. If you're saved, why aren't you happy"

4. So what does make us happy?

5. Can we purse a common good or "Kingdom of God"?

6. What is the goal of faith and ministry?

7. Status improve, possible?

8. How can a community / church help to deal the mental illness?

9. Jesus 1

10. Jesus 2


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