Admission Process

In what sense? On what ground? For what/whom?

Meet the Galilean Jesus,”

Admission Process of GST

Step 1

Student visits to School.
The GST gives admission document items to student.

*GST’s Campus Tour and Explanation School Policy
*Submission Application

Step 2

Student prepares admission documents and submit it to the GST.


Step 3

Review of submitted all admission documents.

GST admission committee

Step 4

GST gives Acceptance Letter and Transfer in form to student.


Step 5

Student gives in a copy Acceptance Letter
and original Transfer in form (GST’s) to current school.

Submit to current school after student fills out Section I on the Transfer in form.

Step 6

Student returns original Transfer in Form(GST’s) to GST.

Current school officer signed
Transfer in form(GST’s)

Step 7

Notice Registration

Step 8

Enrollment Agreement and pay Tuition

Payment Method:
Cash or Check, Card (VISA, Master)