In what sense? On what ground? For what/whom?

Meet the Galilean Jesus,”

Why Galilee School of Theology?

INTERESTING in Learning Theology?
Looks like something sacred & secret? Truly “yes it is!” Theology, as we experience it, gives life-designing wisdom[Power].

  • Doing-theology is exiting.
  • Doing-theology is worthy.
  • Only if it starts from our own questions and returns to serve them.

Why do we need a new PARADIGM of doing-theology?
Please refer to Dr. Ronald J. Sider(Ph.D., Yale), Scandal of Evangelical Conscience, even though we do not follow his “exit-prescription” from the dead end, “Go to the Biblical Faith.”


No Way!

Let the ancient Good story make sense again!
SENSIBILITY of Christian Story & Christian Life.
This is the Aim of Galilee School of Theology.