About GST

In what sense? On what ground? For what/whom?

Meet the Galilean Jesus,”


Galilee School of Theology was founded on the tradition of Christianity and brought to life by the educational vision of Dr. Jeremy J. Hong.

In August 1978, Dr. Jeremy J. Hong came to the United States in order to investigate the unique nature of Christianity among world religions. After completion of his studies at Southern Methodist University and Emory University, he arrived at the conclusion that the core of Christianity is the life and vision of the Galilean Jesus. According to his faith, Jesus’ vision could be implemented here on earth, and thus it is be possible for any person to live his or her life as Jesus did. After more than 20 years of teaching experiences in Seoul, Korea and Southern California, Dr. Hong progressed to another chapter of theological thinking. He now believes that we are in serious need of a new paradigm of theological education, focusing on a sensible Christian message, social credibility for Christian life, and user-friendly Christian values.


The vision of Galilee School of Theology is to build a beautiful community of Christians with intellectually sensible Gospel and practically credible social life.


The mission of Galilee School of Theology as a professional, graduate-level school is to improve the credibility of the Christian story and Christian life


To accomplish our mission, we commit to the following values as educational outcomes.


Let students do their very best to understand their own Christian traditions, not merely to repeat and confess them.

Critical Thinking:

The “Three Big Questions” [In what sense? On what ground? For what/whom?] exercise in various contexts will lead students to a newlevel of critical thinking.

Readiness to Learn from Others:

Readiness for constant learning is essential to be ever-maturing people in this global and postmodern age.
We must be ready to learn from everyone with self-confidence, respect and dignity, while valuing individual, cultural, and religious differences.

Empowering to Commit:

We will empower students to commit to the vision and cause by discerning it for themselves.

Sustaining the Vision of Jesus:

We will do our best to sustain the vision of Galilean Jesus, which was anchored on passionate criticism of the established and compassionate hospitality of the underprivileged, but which was so unfortunately and prematurely crushed under the violent and self-righteous wings of Christendom.

*Mission Statement and Commitments, revised and adopted by the Board of Trustees, GST, January 12, 2014.