In what sense? On what ground? For what/whom?

Meet the Galilean Jesus,”


The Distance Learning Program extends access to the Vision of the Galilean Jesus, which is
the foundation and goal of the School, beyond campus, community, and national boundaries.
We provide support to faculty and students around the world, promoting best practices in distance education and creating a virtual community designed to nurture learning.

Distance Degrees at Galilee School of Theology

Master of Divinity(M.Div), Master of Sacred Theology(STM), Doctor of (Sacred) Theology(Th.D/STD), all the theology programs are available via Distance Learning Program, although they are not eligible for F-1 visa.

Types of Distance Learning Program

Galilee School of Theology offers two types of Distance Learning Program: “Interactive Distance & Online” and “Individualized Self-paced Online.”

  1. Interactive Distance & Online
    These programs are comprised of courses offered at “Distance Campus” with “Group Study” and via the interactive online format. All courses have specific start and end dates.
  2. Individualized Self-Paced Online
    These programs are comprised of programs offered via the self-paced online course format. Individual courses can be started at any time and must be completed within 4 months.

For more detailed information
Email to;   [email protected]