In what sense? On what ground? For what/whom?

Meet the Galilean Jesus,”

The Galilee School of Theology (GST) offers a complete library containing texts, volumes, and resource materials for student use for theology programs of study. A student may conduct research and utilize periodicals, news sources and current events, encyclopedias and dictionaries. Students also have access to a permanent computer in the library for research. Administrative staff is available to assist students in their research.
The Library is available Monday through Friday from 9 am to 8 pm unless otherwise stated on the Library Door. (The Library may be in use for administrative meetings. Generally these meetings are rare and are held when students are in class, or after regular school hours.) The library is located on the second floor nearby classrooms.
With a valid ID students may also access branches of the Los Angeles County Library System. Students are to get local branch information from their instructor or school administrator.