Admission Documents

In what sense? On what ground? For what/whom?

Meet the Galilean Jesus,”

Required Documents for Admission

  • Application for Admission Form (A completed and signed)
  • Enrollment Agreement
  • Official Transcripts;
    Copy of College level and Master level or
    College level transcript which indicates Bachelor degree is granted.
    Master level (if applicable) indicates degree is granted.
  • Registration Fee $150.00 (Non-refundable)
  • Permanent Resident Card Copy or State I.D          

International Student (F1 Transfer)

  If you are currently on F1 status with an I-20 from another school, you can transfer to Galilee School of Theology and maintain your F1 status.
Once we receive your application, we will need a few days to process and review the application.
If we decide that you are accepted, you will receive a Letter of Acceptance from Galilee School of Theology.

If you are already on F1 status and want to transfer to Galilee School of Theology from another U.S. university,
please submit the following items:

  • Application for Admission (GST’ Forms)
  • Transfer-In Form (GST’ Forms)
  • A Copy of Passport
  • A Copy of I-94
  • A Copy of VISA
  • A Copy of I-20 for Your Current School
  • Bank Balance Evidence  (In English)
    – Theology all Program:  $ 27,000 or greater
  • Declaration of Financial Support (GST’ Form)
  • A Copy of Diploma  (In English)
  • An Official Transcript  (In English)
  • Registration Fees  ( Include other Fees) :  $ 150 (Only one time)