A.  The Non Profit Religious Organization, Jesus Academy, was incorporated in Los Angeles, California on June 24, 2003 with the motto, "Meet the Galilean Jesus," and then the school started to offer various forms of theological studies to the public, to students, and to ministers' group in the year of 2004.

Galilee School of Theology is owned and operated by the Jesus Academy, which was incorporated on June 24, 3003 as a not-for-profit religious organization by the State of California. (The federal government does not charter churches or colleges and universities; this obligation falls to the states.)

Galilee School of Theology was established on September 5, 2006 as a religious exempt degree granting institution and since then, has retained the status of a "Religious Exemption Verification" institute.

B. The School is a SEVP - certified School. 

We issue I-20 to the international applicants  for the following three program: 

  Master of Scared Theology [STM]  (three-year) 

  Master of Divinity [M.Div.] (four-year) 

  Doctor of (Sacred) Theology [Th.D./STD] (four-year) 


C.  Ground Campus:

  255 S. Hill St., #401, Los Angeles, CA 90012

  (213)746.1004  fax(213)746.5004